See why people are LOVING HydraPeat®!

“The peat expanded nicely once I began to work with it, and quickly filled the container I was using.”

I can use HydraPeat as-is or blend with soil to help retain moisture, and using less water is always beneficial to my wallet and the environment.

“Once out of the bag, the HydraPeat expands so you can easily separate it and knead in with the existing soil. I can’t wait until my flowers bloom!”

“Very lightweight and easy to handle, but HydraPeat also remains in place even after rain and strong winds!”

Plants on my porch were drying out and I used HydraPeat to retain and control moisture. It’s working great!


“I used HydraPeat to keep my grass seed in place when watered, and it grew faster, healthier and more even.”

“HydraPeat was much lighter and easier to handle than 100% Peat Moss products.”

“HydraPeat is very light but compressed in the bag, so a little went a lot further than anticipated, while staying put on a steep hill even after rainfall.”

“Turns your soil into a natural and healthy sponge.”

“I used HydraPeat to help germinate grass seed in very sandy soil, and it held water better than regular peat moss.”

“I mixed HydraPeat in the flower bed that I plant my vegetables and seeds in every year. Since it’s an area that gets direct sunlight most of the day, I needed an additive to help maintain moisture. The seeds actually started germinating before the timeframe listed on the packet.”