Making Peat Moss More Sustainable

We designed every aspect of HydraPeat with sustainability in mind in order to create a more eco-friendly product to help you grow.

Peat moss has been overharvested for a long time because of its agricultural performance, and the clearing and harvesting of peatlands can be detrimental to the environment because of the release of carbon dioxide and the destruction of wetlands.

That’s why we started by simply using less peat moss in our HydraPeat’s formulation.

Along with using more responsible harvesting practices, our mix of peat moss and HydraFiber® lowers the demands on peat bogs and leaves more peat behind – extending the life of bogs and ensuring they can regenerate.

HydraPeat’s all-natural reduced-peat blend lowers the demands on peat bogs while boosting your ability to grow healthier, more abundant flowers, vegetables, fruits, and plants with HydraFiber technology.

The Power of HydraFiber

Every aspect of HydraPeat is designed to help make your growing easier and more sustainable.

HydraPeat is blended with HydraFiber, which is made domestically from locally-sourced natural, recycled, and renewable wood sources.

HydraFiber is specifically refined to have superior water management – improving peat moss’s ability to hold water and reducing your water consumption. 

HydraPeat’s mixture of peat and HydraFiber creates a powerful moisture-retaining combination, helping your plants get the nutrients they need while also reducing our carbon footprint and supporting peat’s sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Packaging &
Smarter Shipping

HydraPeat’s smaller, compressed bags aren’t just easier to carry – they’re designed to create less waste and are easier to ship.

So much easier, in fact, that one truckload of HydraPeat equals multiple truckloads of 100% peat moss. That’s a big reduction in fuel consumption, vehicle emissions, and our carbon footprint.

You may have heard that HydraPeat expands 2.5x so you can cover more area with fewer bags. Not only does using fewer bags mean less waste, but those bags are also made from recycled-content packaging – not plastic.


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